UV-C 2Stream

Company: Waacs
Client: Velda
Project: UV-C 2Stream
Period: 2007 - 2008

As an employee and part of the design team of Waacs I worked on many projects, but the main focus has been on Velda products. Velda is a Dutch company that is the European market leader in pond related products. My work included 3D modelling, detailing, technical drawings and production supervision of several Velda products.

The ultraviolet radiation of the UV-C light in the Velda 2Stream will effectively kill floating algae and at a certain flow rate ca 99% of the germs and moulds present in a pond. Guaranteeing crystal clear pond water and a healthy pond environment for both fish and water plants. The UV-C 2Stream consists of a plastic housing combined with an aluminum extruded profile. The UV-C light is connected to a reed contact so that the light is shut off imediately when the device is being opened for cleaning purposes.

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