The origin

I have been told that even at kindergarten I was drawing cars and trucks all day long. So somehow my future profession was apparently already destined back then.

The path

To reach my goals I started to study Industrial Design at the Haagse Hogeschool (IPO). Since my graduation in 1999 I’ve been working as a design engineer for several Dutch design studios. In these 13 years I have experienced working in all different settings with all different people. As of January 2011 I started off as an independent / freelance product designer, ready for new challenges!

The process

To me, designing products also means getting these products to the market. Meaning that these products can actually be manufactured in series within an agreed budget. This is the engineers area and that is what I do best. During the years I have learned a lot about all kinds of materials and their specific production methods. While designing, this knowledge is always in the back of my mind, resulting in what I like to call ‘realistic design’. But mind you, realistic doesn’t mean that it’s not aesthetic!

The knowledge

The main focus of my work has always been engineering. But besides that there has also been a great deal of sketching, production supervision, project management, and rendering involved as well. Amongst other software to get the job done, I have been working with 3D CAD on a daily bases since 1999, making this my absolute expertise.

The fun

Already bored by all of the above? Not to worry, designing products is fun and that’s why I still love doing it. And as a designer I will always try to translate this fun into each new product.

The man

So, if you’re looking for an independent design engineer with lots of experience and who’s loving his job: I’m your man!


Frank Mahn
engineering & design

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